Smart Center, Doornik

The Smart Center will be on the outskirts of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai and its belfry. Thanks to these two buildings, listed as Unesco World Heritage, the Smart Center will create a new dynamic. It will act as a touristic space focused on knowledge sharing in terms of art, urban, sacred, technological innovation; a smart centre opened up to the city and to life in Tournai.


Renovatie/Transformatie Smart Center.

Locatie Tournai, Belgium.

Bouwkosten 11.6 million €.

Periode Design: 2019-2020. Construction: 2021-2023. Opening: 2023.

Opdrachtgever City of Tournai.

Architect(en) TANK Architectes, France

Theateradviseur(s) Re:lab, France

Capaciteit A multi-purpose 250-seat auditorium; two flexible spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions, acting also as meeting rooms, several playful and pedagogical spaces for young audiences, a panoramic terrace “Le Belvédère“ and a restaurant. Total area: 4 950 m².

Gebruik A “Window” display of miscellaneous savoir-faire, which is neither a museum nor an interpretation centre. A very flexible use with variable configurations (seminars, exhibitions, immersive spaces, networking, tourist season, weekday/weekend, night/day).

Werkzaamheden Comprehensive acoustic consulting services for the entire project from competition to commissioning, including the internal acoustic quality, building acoustics along with noise and vibrations control.

Adviseur(s) Yann Jurkiewicz, Émilie Carayol, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics.

1/7SmarTournai Smart CenterOverview of the project with its panoramic terrace viewed from the Paul-Émile Janson square. Foto © TANK architectes
2/7SmarTournai Smart CenterFuture view from the panoramic terrace onto Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai. Foto © TANK architectes
3/7SmarTournai Smart CenterSeating space or potential 250-seat auditorium at the heart of the former Hôtel Des Prêtres. Foto © TANK architectes
4/7SmarTournai Smart CenterSeating space transformed into a 250-seat auditorium with insulating acoustic curtains. Foto © TANK architectes
5/7SmarTournai Smart CenterView from one of the aisles of the former Hôtel Des Prêtres onto the seating space. Foto © TANK architectes
6/7SmarTournai Smart CenterExhibition space project in the former library. Foto © TANK architectes
7/7SmarTournai Smart CenterFoyer combining reception and temporary exhibition space. Foto © TANK architectes