Salle del Castillo, Vevey

This prestigious 1908 building has been fully renovated in order to host concerts and local activities in better conditions. Listed building.

Information Sheet

Renovation/Transformation Salle del Castillo

Location Vevey, Switzerland. Listed building.

Project Cost 18 million CHF (approx. 15 million € according to the opening year's conversion rate).

Time Frame Renovation: 2011-2014. Opening: November 2014.

Owner City of Vevey, Switzerland.

Architect(s) Architecum, Montreux

Theatre Planner(s) Artsceno, Philippe Warrand, Switzerland

Seat Count A 552-seat room capacity with 158-seat retractable seating and a fixed balcony of 48 seats; the room can accommodate up to 660 people with standing audience. There are also two corporate event rooms. Total area 1 500 m².

Uses Multifunctional room for chamber music orchestras, vocal music, theatre, amplified music, seminars and banquets.

Services Acoustic quality definition of the concert hall (including acoustic variability according to room usage), acoustic isolation and control of noise sources and other technical settings.

Team Eckhard Kahle, Yann Jurkiewicz, Johan Brulez, Kahle Acoustics.

1/7Salle del CastilloSalle del Castillo with its fixed 48-seat balcony and 158-seat retractable seating. Photo © Architecum, Thomas Telley
2/7Salle del CastilloThe renovated 1908 building, with its new roof made of zinc. Photo © Architecum, Thomas Telley
3/7Salle del CastilloSalle Del Castillo hall as seen from the stage, with its theatre poles lowered. Photo © Architecum, Daniel Furrer
4/7Salle del CastilloView from the rear of the stage onto the Salle del Castillo, with its retractable seating stored within the wall under the balcony. Photo © Architecum, Daniel Furrer
5/7Salle del CastilloBalcony with its 48 fixed seats. Photo © Architecum, Daniel Furrer
6/7Salle del CastilloSalle del Castillo as seen from the balcony, with its stage curtain and its variable acoustic curtains down. The latter are used to shorten the reverberation time whenever necessary. Photo © Architecum, Thomas Telley
7/7Salle del CastilloReception hall. Architectural integration of a perforated and patterned ventilation grate (left). Photo © Architecum, Daniel Furrer