L'étoile - Scène de Mouvaux

The city of Mouvaux offers its inhabitants a dynamic cultural centre, L'étoile, which hosts music concerts (including amplified music), theatre plays, conferences and practice rooms.

Information Sheet

New Build L'étoile - Scène de Mouvaux   letoile.mouvaux.fr

Location Mouvaux, France.

Project Cost 7.5 million €.

Time Frame Competition: 2013. Design: 2014-2015. Building Phase: 2016-2017. Opening: September 2017.

Owner City of Mouvaux.

Architect(s) Atelier King Kong, Bordeaux   www.kingkong.fr

Theatre Planner(s) dUCKS Scéno, France   www.ducks.fr

Seat Count A fully modular concert hall with two-seat capacities (from 500 to 930 seats), and retractable seating. A multi-purpose exhibition and conference hall of 100 m². One entire floor dedicated to practice including two rehearsal studios for amplified music, a sound control room and a fine arts room. Total gross floor area 3 293 m².

Uses The fully modular concert hall can accommodate amplified performances, non-amplified theatre plays small classical music ensembles, conferences, ballets. The zero-platform option is used for receptions, exhibitions, and fairs. Its smaller capacity version accommodates conferences, exhibitions and more intimate concerts.

Services Comprehensive acoustic consulting services including acoustic concept, design and construction supervision.

Team Émilie Carayol, Juan Óscar García Gómez, Johan Brulez, Kahle Acoustics.

1/7L'étoile — Scène de MouvauxL'étoile, the cultural centre of the city of Mouvaux. Photo © Atelier King Kong
2/7L'étoile — Scène de MouvauxEntrance of L'étoile — Scène de Mouvaux. Photo © Atelier King Kong
3/7L'étoile — Scène de MouvauxView from the audience, on the stage of the fully modular concert hall. Photo © Atelier King Kong
4/7L'étoile — Scène de MouvauxView on the modular concert hall with a seating capacity ranging from 500 to 750 seats. Photo © Atelier King Kong
5/7L'étoile — Scène de MouvauxThe sound and light control system within the modular concert hall. Photo © Atelier King Kong
6/7L'étoile — Scène de MouvauxHere the unfolded stage of the modular concert hall. Photo © Atelier King Kong
7/7L'étoile — Scène de MouvauxThe multi-purpose exhibition and conference hall of 100 m². Photo © Atelier King Kong