Bechstein Hall, London

The long-established German piano manufacturer Carl Bechstein will return to Wigmore Street, London in 2024. The company opened its first Bechstein Hall at 36 Wigmore Street in 1901. The conversion of 18-22 Wigmore Street includes the new 100-seat Bechstein Hall, a two-storey showroom, a selection room for rental pianos, individual practice rooms and apartments for visiting musicians. Kahle Acoustics is providing acoustical design services for the Bechstein Hall.

Information Sheet

Transformation Bechstein Hall

Location London, United Kingdom.

Project Cost £30 million (approx. 35 million € according to the opening year's conversion rate).

Time Frame Design: 2020-2021. Construction 2022-2024. Opening: 2024.

Owner Carl Bechstein London Limited.

Architect(s) Purcell Architecture Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Interior Designer(s) Door Nineteen, London, United Kingdom

Theatre Planner(s) Stage Right Theatre Consultants, United Kingdom

Building Contractor(s) Myco Ltd, United, London, United Kingdom

Seat Count 100-seat recital hall and recording/live-stream control room.

Uses The Bechstein Hall will host solo piano and chamber music concerts and will also be used as a venue for recording sessions. An acoustically treated control room is provided for recording sessions and live-streaming events.

Services Acoustic consulting and design, specification, construction supervision and commissioning services for the Bechstein Hall and control room. Building acoustics and room acoustics consultancy for the remaining areas by Sound Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom.

Team Evan Green, Kahle Acoustics.

1/2Bechstein HallRendering of the Bechstein Hall showing acoustically optimised ceiling and wall reflection surfaces. Photo © Doornineteen
2/2Bechstein HallThe original building façade of 18-22 Wigmore Street in 1893. The façade will be renovated and the historic proportions of the shop windows restored. Photo © Bechstein courtesy