Zuiderstrandtheater, Den Haag

This temporary performance hall is nestled along the dunes, just outside the city. Since 2015 and till the achievement of the new theatre in the center of The Hague, the Zuiderstrandtheater hosts the Residentie Orkest — the philharmonic orchestra of The Hague — and the Nederlands Danstheater.

Technische Details

Neubauten Zuiderstrandtheater.

Ort Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands.

Baukosten 14 million €.

Zeitrahmen Design: 2013. Construction: 2013-2014. Opening: October 2014.

Bauherr City of The Hague.

Architect(en) Thijs Mauve Architect   thijsmauvearchitect.nl  •  Jochem Groenland Architect, Netherlands   groelandarchitecten.nl

Theaterplaner PB Theateradviseurs, Netherlands.

Zahl der Sitzplätze A 1 000-seat auditorium, a 500 m² “black box” and 5 foyers (from 125 to 400 m²). Total area 5 200 m².

Nutzung The temporary theatre hosts symphonic music performances, as well as dance, opera, theatre, amplified music shows and congresses.

Leistungsumfang Room acoustics and variable acoustics for the theatre and the rehearsal room.

Beteiligte Berater Cees Mulder, Eckhard Kahle, Thomas Wulfrank, Kahle Acoustics.

01/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueThe temporary 1 000-seat auditorium with its variable acoustics integrated into the side panels made of plywood. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
02/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueAcoustic tests with viola to assess the tilting of the acoustic wood panels placed above the stage. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
03/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueVariable acoustics integration within the side panels of the temporary auditorium. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
04/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueGrid above stage with flexible acoustic panels. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
05/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueThe Residentie Orkest on the Zuiderstrandtheater stage. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
06/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueRehearsal room before acoustic intervention. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
07/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueRehearsal room with flexible acoustic wood panels and acoustic curtains. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
08/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueDetail of the acoustic elements (flexible acoustic wood panels and acoustic curtains) displayed against the walls of the rehearsal room. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
09/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueThe Residentie Orkest in the temporary rehearsal room. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
10/10Zuiderstrandtheater, The HagueExternal view of the temporary residency for the Netherlands Danstheater and Residentie Orkest. Foto © Kahle Acoustics