Miraval Studios, Correns

Refurbishment of the recording studio created in 1977 by the music composer and pianist Jacques Loussier.

Kahle Acoustics provided full acoustic design services, including development of the acoustic design to achieve state-of-the art studio acoustics, site supervision, measurements and commissioning. The aim was to retain the warm and balanced acoustical ambience of the Live Room while bringing the Control Room up to contemporary acoustical standards. Key tasks included: the integration of monitoring for Dolby Atmos music; acoustical design and detailing for the vibration-isolated monitor mounting in the glass wall; design and detailing of all finishes in the Control Room including membrane absorbers effective down to 20 Hz; and acoustical finishes in the Live Room and Booths.

Photos are available on the architects' website (see link below).

Technische Details

Renovierungen/Umbauten Miraval Studios.

Ort Correns, France.

Baukosten n/a.

Zeitrahmen 2021-Fall 2022.

Bauherr n/a.

Architekt(en) Panorama Architecture, France   panorama-architecture.com

Zahl der Sitzplätze A 100 sqm Control Room with acoustic control down to 20 Hz and Dolby Atmos 9.6.1 monitoring system; a 320 sqm Live Room for recordings with 8 metre ceiling height; isolation booths, a vocal booth as well as two post-production audio and video editing rooms.

Nutzung Recording, mixing and production studio for music including pop/rock, jazz, electronic music and classical music recordings. Post-production facilities for audio and cinema.

Leistungsumfang Full acoustic design services from developing the acoustical brief to concept development, site supervision and through until commissioning. Services included development of the full room acoustics and sound isolation design, loudspeaker placement and integration, construction supervision, commissioning and acoustical measurements, and design of the special vibration-isolated loudspeaker supports within the inclined glass wall between the Control Room and Live Room.

Beteiligte Berater Émilie Carayol, Evan Green, Kahle Acoustics.