Le OFF - Scènes de Chartres

Rehabilitation of a former 1960s cinema into three theatre venues dedicated to performing arts. With capacities ranging from 50 to 180 seats, Le OFF becomes a lively place where creations, rehearsals and performances add up to the existing programming of the national theatre of the city of Chartres. Low energy building (from F to C).


Renovatie Le OFF - Scènes de Chartres   www.leoff-chartres.fr

Locatie Chartres, France.

Bouwkosten 4 million €.

Periode Design: 2015-2018. Construction: 2018-2022. Opening: September 2022.

Opdrachtgever Agglomeration – City of Chartres.

Architect(en) José Pauriche Architecte, France.

Theateradviseur(s) Artsceno, Switzerland   artsceno.ch

Capaciteit Three venues from 50 to 180-seat capacity. Total area: 1 046 m².

Gebruik Three venues dedicated to rehearsals, creations and performances of the Chartres-area cultural scene. Exhibition area for local artists. All events can simultaneously be scheduled and hold up to 400 people.

Werkzaamheden Complete acoustic consulting for all phases and including building acoustics and room acoustics. Acoustic quality of the various rooms both between the individual rooms in the building and with the outside (mission control and emission control).

Adviseur(s) Vincent Berrier, Johan Brulez, Kahle Acoustics.

1/5Le Off, ChartresEntrance of the three venues of the theatre Le OFF. Foto © José Pauriche Architecte
2/5Le Off, ChartresVenue number 1 of the theatre Le OFF. Foto © José Pauriche Architecte
3/5Le Off, ChartresVenue number 3 of the theatre Le OFF, here with acoustically optimised wall surfaces and absorbing acoustic fabric of the audience seats. Foto © José Pauriche Architecte
4/5Le Off, ChartresVenue number 3 of the theatre Le OFF, as seen from stage. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
5/5Le Off, ChartresReception hall of the theatre Le OFF which can accommodate local artists' exhibitions. Foto © Kahle Acoustics