Private recording studio, London

The concept for the recording studio – with an exposed timber structure and plywood paneling, a “constructivist” approach to materials, and views to garden outside – emerged during early discussions with the client. Materials were selected considering both their acoustical properties and environmental impact: sheep's wool, cork, woodwool, recycled cotton insulation and timber are used extensively with a minimum of concrete and masonry used in the construction. During foundation excavations, an old bomb-shelter was found and incorporated into the design, providing a basement machine room and storage space.

Information Sheet

New Build Private recording studio.

Location London, United Kingdom.

Project Cost n/a.

Time Frame Design: 2020-2021. Construction: 2021-2022. Completion: September 2022.

Owner Leo Abrahams, London, United Kingdom

Architect(s) Giles Bruce, Ross King, A-Zero Architects, London, United Kingdom

Seat Count n/a.

Uses Professional recording studio including control room, tracking/isolation room and basement machine room and storage.

Services Acoustical consulting and design from brief development and concept design to acoustical detailing, specifications and site supervision (including the determination of sound isolation requirements, ventilation schematic details and selection of all acoustical materials). Tuning and optimisation of loudspeaker positions and gobos.

Team Evan Green, Kahle Acoustics.