Olavshallen, Trondheim

Kahle Acoustics was invited to improve the acoustics of the 1 212-seat concert hall of the Olavshallen cultural centre which hosts the Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera.

Our mission consisted of acoustic specifications and modelling the newly optimized orchestra shell. Were also included the seats' replacement, the installation of a high-quality reverberation enhancement system and the acoustic tuning of the renovated hall.

Information Sheet

Renovation/Transformation   Intervention/Tuning Olavshallen   www.olavshallen.no

Location Trondheim, Norway.

Time Frame 2020-2022.

Client Olavshallen Cultural Centre, as subcontractor to Cowi AS   www.cowi.com

Venues A 1 212-seat large concert hall.

Services All advised and implemented acoustic optimisations were done in accordance with the orchestra and the Olavshallen Cultural Centre staff. The aim has been to improve acoustic quality for orchestra concerts and rehearsals without compromising the acoustic polyvalence of the hall for other uses, including Opera performances as well as pop-rock concerts.

A newly acoustically optimised orchestra shell was developed, with an increased ceiling height after the removal of the fire curtain. Side and rear-wall pieces were curved or angled (geometrically designed) so as to improve projection from stage to audience members and offer a homogenous reflection coverage. The optimised orchestra shell allows an improved coupling of the hall between the stage and the audience chamber and achieves excellent conditions when it comes to musicians' self-hearing, cross-communication or hearing the other musicians and improvement of the feedback of the hall.

Recommendations were provided to minimize the acoustic absorption of the chairs when the audience is seated. Reverberation enhancement was recommended, and the refurbished concert hall benefitted from a high-quality reverberation system, the Meyer Constellation system which enables additional strong and structured acoustic reflections.

Optimized settings were defined through test rehearsals and concerts, regarding the height settings of the on-stage ceiling reflectors, the angle settings of the on-stage ceiling reflectors, along with the angle settings of the side wall shell elements. Also drapes or curtains for optimal acoustic settings were tested and agreed upon, and assistance was provided in adjusting the settings of the reverberation enhancement system.

Team Eckhard Kahle, Yann Jurkiewicz, Vincent Berrier, Kahle Acoustics, in collaboration with Cowi AS.

1/5OlavshallenView of the 1 212-seat concert hall from the parterre during test rehearsals with additional absorption at the back of the new orchestra shell and optimised angled reflectors on both sides of the proscenium. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
2/5OlavshallenView from the main balcony onto the stage equipped with its new optimised orchestra shell. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
3/5OlavshallenView from the 2nd rear side balcony onto the stage equipped with its new orchestra shell, and the new ceiling reflectors extending above the parterre. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
4/5OlavshallenThe new seats were designed so that their acoustic absorption is minimised when the audience is seated. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
5/5OlavshallenBack view of the curved rear wall panels of the new orchestra shell, with perforated zones covered with absorptive fabric providing acoustic absorption and masking the loudspeakers of the reverberation enhancement system. Photo © Kahle Acoustics