Musikinsel Rheinau

The former Benedictine monastery located on one of the Rhine's loops, which had become a psychiatric hospital till 2000, has been renovated and transformed into a peaceful rehearsal residence for musicians of all profiles and styles. Listed building.

Information Sheet

New Build   Renovation/Transformation Musikinsel Rheinau

Location Rheinau, Switzerland. Listed building.

Project Cost 28 million CHF (approx. 23 million € according to the opening year's conversion rate).

Time Frame Feasibility study: 2011. Construction: 2012-2013. Opening: May 2014.

Owner Canton of Zürich, and Stiftung Schweizer Musikinsel Rheinau.

Architect(s) Bembé Dellinger Architekten, Germany

Artist Beat Zoderer, Switzerland.

Acoustic Fabric Design Annette Douglas, Switzerland.

Seat Count A 245 m² music room, 16 rehearsal rooms (from 15 to 125 m²), a 284 m² historical library, and a 63-room hotel for the musicians (132 beds). Total area: approximately 1 600 m².

Uses This national music centre welcomes both confirmed musicians and amateurs in a stimulating spot open to traditions, creativity, innovation and concentration.

Services Programme design to reach acoustic quality conditions. Fixed and moveable installations to answer best the reverberation requirements per each single rehearsal room.

Team Eckhard Kahle, Johan Brulez, Kahle Acoustics.

01/11Musikinsel RheinauMusikinsel, the musicians residency in a former monastery, on the Rheinau island. Photo © KFB Polska
02/11Musikinsel RheinauThe Musikinsel residency's courtyard. Photo © KFB Polska
03/11Musikinsel RheinauMain music room, with the entrance wall - door included - fully covered with acoustic panels, some acoustically reflective and some absorbing. In addition to being translucent, the curtains are conceived to be acoustically absorbing. Photo © Bembé Dellinger Architekten
04/11Musikinsel RheinauDetail of the absorbing and reflective panels, as well as of the acoustic curtain designed by Annette Douglas. Photo © Bembé Dellinger Architekten
05/11Musikinsel RheinauVisual concept (fabric and acoustic panels layout) by the artist Beat Zoderer. The fabric has been embroidered under the supervision of the textile designer Annette Douglas. Photo © KFB Polska
06/11Musikinsel RheinauView of the opposite acoustic wall designed by the artist Beat Zoderer, as seen from the entrance to the main music room. Photo © Bembé Dellinger Architekten
07/11Musikinsel RheinauThe acoustic fabric has been embroidered after Beat Zoderer design. Photo © Bembé Dellinger Architekten
08/11Musikinsel RheinauA violinist rehearsing in the main room with acoustic curtains closed. Photo © Bembé Dellinger Architekten
09/11Musikinsel RheinauAcoustic absorption materials in one of the rehearsal rooms: carpet, curtain, radiator cladding and wall panels behind the piano. Photo © KFB Polska
10/11Musikinsel RheinauIn order to respect the landmarked architecture, absorbing material has been added mainly as part of the furniture. Photo © KFB Polska
11/11Musikinsel RheinauOak ceiling and perforated wood panels on some walls of the refectory. Photo © KFB Polska