La Fleuriaye, Carquefou

The refurbishment and sustainable renovation of La Fleuriyae cultural and congress centre (ECC) will enable a thorough refurbishment of this multifunctional and eclectic venue dedicated to the performing arts.

Information Sheet

Renovation La Fleuriaye

Location Carquefou, France.

Project Cost 9.9 million €.

Time Frame Project: 2022-2023. Construction phase: 2023-2024. Opening: Fall 2024.

Owner City of Carquefou.

Architect(s) Atelier d'Architecture King Kong, Bordeaux

Theatre Planner(s) dUCKS Scéno, France

Seat Count This cultural and convention centre has an 800-seat theatre, two multipurpose spaces of 250 m² and 550 m², a 170 m² cocktail area that can be combined with the 250 m² space for larger events. Total equipment area: 5 000 m².

Uses The cultural and congress centre hosts numerous events, including theatre, dance and music shows along with a wide range of spaces for the organisation of seminars and conventions, exhibitions and trade shows.

Services Comprehensive acoustic consulting services for the entire project from competition to commissioning.

Team Émilie Carayol, Kahle Acoustics.

1/4La FleuriayeRefurbishment project and renewal of technical equipment of the 800-seat hall including, floors, walls, seats and stage case. Here view of the project from the stage onto the audience. Photo © Atelier d'Architecture King Kong
2/4La FleuriayeEnergy refurbishment and upgrade of the building site according to norms and regulations for a smooth-running building open onto the outside. Photo © Atelier d'Architecture King Kong
3/4La FleuriayeThe project of the interior reception hall where exhibitions will be held will also be a multifunctional space open onto the world and its outskirts as a mixed building where users and artists will come across one another. Photo © Atelier d'Architecture King Kong
4/4La FleuriayeView on the South-side of the building project of the ECC including energy refurbishment. Photo © Atelier d'Architecture King Kong