Théâtre du Nord, Rijsel

This 18th century building, which offers a wide range of local and national productions, required seats and partial technical equipment renewal.


Renovatie/Transformatie Théâtre du Nord

Locatie Lille, France.

Bouwkosten 2 million €.

Periode Evaluation: 2009. Design: 2010. Construction: 2011-2012.

Opdrachtgever City of Lille.

Architect(en) Blond & Roux Architectes, Paris  •  Étienne Sintive, Agence Sintive Architectes, Lille.

Capaciteit 460-seat theatre, 100-seat theatre, rehearsal rooms, offices, foyer and cafeteria. Total area approx. 4 000 m².

Gebruik Theatre and music.

Werkzaamheden Acoustic consulting services.

Adviseur(s) Yann Jurkiewicz, Project Manager, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics.

1/7Théâtre du NordView of the building from the 18th century and whose façade is listed as historical monument. Foto © Frédéric Iovino
2/7Théâtre du NordThe 460-seat theatre. Foto © E. Legrand
3/7Théâtre du NordView of the stage of the National Theatre from its 460-seat venue. Foto © Frédéric Iovino
4/7Théâtre du NordView from the balcony of the main 460-seat venue. Foto © Frédéric Iovino
5/7Théâtre du NordDetailed sitting of the 460-seat venue. Foto © Frédéric Iovino
6/7Théâtre du NordView of the 100-seat theatre from the stage. Foto © Frédéric Iovino
7/7Théâtre du NordView of Grand Place, Bourse and the Salle des Spectacles (1792). Document N° LXI, Pl 7, Page 63, antiquités nationales. Foto © Bibliothèque municipale de Lille, Fonds Lefebvre 12, 84.