Alhambra, Geneve

Initially built in 1918-1920 for the cinema, the Alhambra hall became a concert hall for amplified music. This landmarked hall needed a deep renovation as well as the addition of backstage facilities. Listed building.


Renovatie/Transformatie Alhambra

Locatie Geneva, Switzerland. Listed building.

Bouwkosten 25 million CHF (approx. 23 million € according to the opening year's conversion rate).

Periode Studies: 2006-2011. Construction: 2012-2013. Opening: March 2015.

Opdrachtgever City of Geneva.

Architect(en) Marc Brunn, Brunn + Butty Architectes, Geneva  •  Julien Menoud, Graf & Menoud Architectes, Geneva  •  Architech (execution details and local construction supervision)

Theateradviseur(s) Alexandre Forissier, Pontvolant, Geneva.

Capaciteit A 697-seat concert hall, with standing audience option (up to 750 with retractable seat rows). 2 foyers, dressing rooms, offices, and a coffee shop.

Gebruik Amplified music (jazz, world music, rock, pop, etc.), and classical music.

Werkzaamheden Acoustic consulting services throughout the project, from evaluation of existing situation to achieved transformation. Addition of backstage facilities for the musicians.

Adviseur(s) Eckhard Kahle, Yann Jurkiewicz, Nathalie Faillet, Kahle Acoustics.

1/8Alhambra, GenevaView from the stage on the seat rows of the historic landmark concert hall. Here some seats are disassembled to accommodate more public. There is acoustic absorption below the technical grid, on both the first and second balcony sidewalls and on the parterre rear wall. Foto © Olivier Wavre, Alhambra
2/8Alhambra, GenevaDisplay of acoustic curtains on the first balcony's sidewalls. Foto © Olivier Wavre, Alhambra
3/8Alhambra, GenevaFirst and second balcony sidewalls and on the rear wall. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
4/8Alhambra, GenevaSeat rows of the historic landmark concert hall. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
5/8Alhambra, GenevaView of the ceiling and the technical grid of the hall. Foto © Olivier Wavre, Alhambra
6/8Alhambra, GenevaAcoustic metal mesh detail on the absorbing rear wall. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
7/8Alhambra, GenevaMain foyer, access doors to the parterre. Foto © Olivier Wavre, Alhambra
8/8Alhambra, GenevaThe Alhambra, listed building. Foto © Kahle Acoustics