Beijing City Sub-Center Theater

With the Beijing City Sub-Center Theater project (Tongzhou District), the city of Beijing will soon have a major new Performing Arts Building complex. Kahle Acoustics was invited as international acoustic consultant to support the Chinese design team to provide consultancy services.

Information Sheet

New Build Beijing City Sub-Center Theater.

Location Beijing, Tongzhou District, China.

Project Cost n/a.

Time Frame Competition: 2020. Design: 2020-2022. Construction: 2021-2023. Opening: 2023.

Owner Beijing City Sub-Center Investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd, in collaboration with Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts.

Architect(s) Beijing Architectural Design and Research (BIAD), China

Theatre Planner(s) Theatre Projects, United Kingdom  •  Michel Cova Consultant, France

Seat Count A 1 800-seat opera house, a 1 550-seat concert hall, a 1 000-seat Drama hall, a 500-seat multi-functional hall, rehearsal halls. Total area of 82 700 m².

Uses Cultural complex dedicated to music concerts and art performances.

Services Acoustic consulting mission until completion, including preliminary design, construction drawing design and acoustic special design, 1/10 scale model, commissioning and post-commissioning services.

Team Thomas Wulfrank, Yann Jurkiewicz, Vincent Berrier, Evan Green and Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics. In collaboration with PLUS for overall coordination and with ECADI Acoustics and Theatre Special Design & Research Studio for the building acoustics, model tests and site supervision.

1/8Tongzhou Sub-Center Theater3D view of the concert hall with its canopy and its acoustic cloud reflectors. An architecturally innovative space, combining the best elements of vineyard and shoebox paradigms. Photo © BIAD
2/8Tongzhou Sub-Center TheaterInitial 3D modelling of the 1 800-seat Opera House with its convex walls and down kicking reflectors integrated in the side walls. Photo © BIAD
3/8Tongzhou Sub-Center TheaterInitial 3D modelling of the 1 000-seat Drama hall. Photo © BIAD
4/8Beijing City Sub-Center TheaterAcoustic raytracing diagram for the design and optimization of the side wall reflectors of the 1 000-seat Drama Hall. Project © Kahle Acoustics
5/8Beijing City Sub-Center Theater1:10 scale model of the 1 550-seat concert hall. Photo © BIAD
6/8Beijing City Sub-Center Theater1:10 scale model of the 1 550-seat concert hall. Photo © BIAD
7/8Beijing City Sub-Center TheaterChecking of the acoustic coverage zones of the scale model using laser reflections. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
8/8Beijing City Sub-Center Theater1:10 scale model of the Concert Hall of Tongzhou, as seen from the organ niche. Photo © Kahle Acoustics