L'Astrada Marciac

L'Astrada hosts one of the most renowned jazz festivals in France, Jazz in Marciac, which attracts several hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

Information Sheet

New Build L'Astrada Marciac   jazzinmarciac.com

Location Marciac, France.

Project Cost 4 million €.

Time Frame Winning competition entry: 2007. Design: 2008-2009. Construction: 2009-2011. Opening: May 2011.

Owner Syndicat mixte d'Études et d'Aménagement du Grand Site de Marciac (City and Region of Marciac, Département du Gers).

Architect(s) Atelier d'architecture King Kong, Bordeaux   kingkong.fr

Theatre Planner(s) Michel Cova, dUCKS Scéno, France   www.ducks.fr

Seat Count 500-seat concert hall, mainly for “Jazz in Marciac”. Total area 1 500 m².

Uses Jazz concerts, both amplified and unplugged, other amplified events, theatre plays and classical music concerts.

Services Participation in concept and basic design, comprehensive acoustic consulting services.

Team Yann Jurkiewicz, Project Manager, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics.

1/5L'AstradaL'Astrada Marciac. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
2/5L'AstradaView from the “bergerie”: a side balcony with no seat, offering a bird's eye view of the stage. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
3/5L'AstradaL'Astrada Marciac. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
4/5L'AstradaMain façade of L'Astrada Marciac. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
5/5L'AstradaHall of L'Astrada Marciac. Photo © Kahle Acoustics